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Short stays

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We offer flexible durations to suit your requirements at competitive rates. Might want to extend your stay for longer? No problem. You can add on more weeks easily, subject to availability.

Extend your stay

Extend your stay 

Current residents can extend their bookings for up to eight weeks from as little as £13.50 per night*. Take time out to enjoy your summer and explore your surroundings. Travelling abroad for the summer and need a hassle-free option of storing your belongings? Planning to return to the village in September? Whatever the reason, we would love to see you stay with us for longer.

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Extend price per night from*:

Albert Court £15.50
Belgrave View £13.50
Bonington Student Village £13.50
Burley Road £16.00
Chesil House £19.50
Chesterman House £29.00
Cranborne House £18.50
Fitzroy & Wenlock Courts £14.00
John Lester & Eddie Colman Courts £14.50
Lyme Regis House £21.00
McMillan Student Village £23.50
Newport Student Village £13.50
Okeford House £19.50
Peel Park Quarter £19.50
Prince Consort Village £25.00
Raymont Hall £27.00
Rusholme Place £20.00
Surrey House £21.50

*Rates relate to bookings from July 2022.

Enjoy a Stu-cation

New to Campus Living Villages or interested in booking a different location? Take advantage of convenient, self-catered accommodation that’s excellent value for money. Visit one of our 10 locations across the UK with prices starting from just £22.50 per night*. You’ll benefit from all of our great facilities and amenities such as laundry rooms, gyms, and social spaces.

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Stu-cation rate per night from:

Albert Court, Liverpool £23.00
Arena Village, Leeds £30.50
Bonington Student Village, Sutton Bonington £25.00
Burley Road, Leeds £25.50
Chesil House, Bournemouth £28.00
Cranborne House, Bournemouth £27.00
Fitzroy & Wenlock Courts, Luton £24.00
John Lester & Eddie Colman Courts, Salford £22.50
Lyme Regis House, Bournemouth £29.00
McMillan Student Village, London £33.50
Newport Student Village, Newport £23.00
Peel Park Quarter, Salford £28.00
Prince Consort Village, London £37.00
Raymont Hall, London £41.00
Rusholme Place, Manchester £29.50
Surrey House, London £30.00


*Rates relate to bookings from July 2022. Selected locations only.

Terms and conditions apply.

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