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Green Awards honour for Campus Living Villages

Posted at 02 August 2018 in CLV News


Campus Living Villages has been honoured with a Green Impact Bronze Award at the Green Awards.

The accolade, awarded during a ceremony at Bournemouth University, was given for the student accommodation provider’s endeavours in the NUS Green Impact programme 2017/18.

Simona Sakneviciute, Customer Service Officer at Campus Living Villages, led on the project and collected the award alongside colleague Benjamin Rose.

Simona said: “I am so proud that our participation in the scheme was successful, and everyone involved over the last year is absolutely delighted with the award. It was a very interesting year with Green Impact. We learnt a lot of new ways to engage with our residents in a number of green events which, I believe, both we and the residents enjoyed.

“We have shared a lot of useful water and energy-saving tips, promoted cycling, healthy eating, donations to charities and many other great things. It is a great initiative and we put so much work and love into it.”

Working with hundreds of organisations across the globe, Green Impact is an award-winning behaviour change programme aimed at bringing together students and staff in green campuses, curriculums and communities.

Participants receive a workbook of actions, providing a structured way of carrying out tasks throughout the course of the programme. At the end of the year, awards are handed out to acknowledge teams’ achievements.

The Campus Living Village team have already turned their attention to working towards a Green Impact Silver Award for 2018/19.

The organisation’s involvement with the scheme is in keeping with several of its pledges, including creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships, encouraging residents to reduce their impact on the environment and contribute to the community, and considering the environmental impact of all construction and operational activities, and use natural resources sustainably.

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